Hello everyone!  Welcome to my page T.O.R.I Cosmetics USA, LLC!  I am very excited to announce my new, high-end, professional application make-up line.  I have been working on this new line for over a year and it is finally ready for everyone’s use.  Myself, along with the help of experienced and licensed cosmetologists created the foundations of T.O.R.I Cosmetics.  It is FDA approved, cruelty free (meaning not tested on animals), and the packaging made from recycled paper.  I want women of all ages to feel confident and comfortable after using my high quality make-up line, and to wear it with pride.  Quality and customer satisfaction is a gaurentee!  My studio is located in the D.C. Metropolitan area, feel free to come by and test out my make-up line. Thank you so much for visiting my page.  Please pass the message along to your family and friends.